The two coins example in IronPython

For a description of this tutorial and the C# code please see the two coins tutorial.

IronPython script

# Infer.NET IronPython example: Two Coins

import InferNetWrapper
from InferNetWrapper import *

# two coins example
def two_coins() :
    print("\n\n------------------ Infer.NET Two Coins example ------------------\n");

    # The model
    b = MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Distributions.Bernoulli(0.5)
    firstCoin = Variable.Bernoulli(0.5)
    secondCoin = Variable.Bernoulli(0.5)
    bothHeads = firstCoin & secondCoin

    # The inference
    ie = InferenceEngine()
    print "Probability both coins are heads:", ie.Infer(bothHeads)
    bothHeads.ObservedValue = False
    print "Probability distribution over firstCoin:", ie.Infer(firstCoin)
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