Infer.NET user guide : Tutorials and examples

The Examples Browser

The Examples Browser provides a simple way of viewing and running the tutorials and examples included in Infer.NET.  The Examples Browser can be started by double-clicking on the Tutorials application in the Bin folder.  You will get a window that looks like this:

Infer.NET block diagram  
The window is divided into three panes:
  • Example chooser (left) - shows a list of examples grouped by topic.  You can select an example by clicking.
  • Code viewer (top-right) - shows the source code for the example, along with a brief description.
  • Example output (bottom-right) - when "Run this example" is pressed, this window shows the output from the example. At the bottom, it also contains check boxes to control settings on the inference engine.

You can edit the code for an example by opening the Tutorial Visual Studio solution found in the Samples\C#\ExamplesBrowser folder.

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