Infer.NET user guide

Installation Folders

Infer.NET is distributed as a zipped folder. Copy this to a folder of your choice, and unzip. The folder structure looks as follows:

  • Infer.NET
    • Bin
    • Learners
    • Source
      • Distributions
      • Factors
      • Wrappers
    • Samples
      • C#
      • F#

The Bin folder contains the Infer.NET dlls.:

  • Infer.Compiler.dll is the compiler assembly which takes model descriptions written using the Infer.NET API, and converts them to inference code.
  • Infer.Runtime.dll is the assembly needed to execute the inference code.

Typically during development you will need to reference both these dlls, but in some deployment scenarios you may decide to use pre-compiled code which needs the Runtime dll only.

Infer.FSharp.dll is a wrapper dll that hides some of the generic constructs in the Infer.NET API allowing simpler calls to the Infer.NET API from standard F#.

The Bin folder also contains the Examples Browser application which shows and runs code for several tutorial examples and applications as well as all the learner binaries.

More complicated C# examples are provided as Visual Studio projects and solution in the Samples folder.

The Source folder shows some of the runtime source for Infer.NET - in particular the distribution classes and the factor classes. The distribution classes can also be thought of as message classes in that they contain all the operations needed to manipulate distributions within message passing algorithms. The factor classes contain the operations that calculate the output messages for various factors and input messages.

The source folder also contains the source for the F# wrapper.

The Learners folder contains Visual Studio projects and solution for complete machine learning applications including classification and recommendation.

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