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MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Utils Namespace
Microsoft Research
Infer.NET utilities
Public classArgument
Useful routines for checking arguments of a function for correctness.
Public classArrayComparerT
An equality comparer that compares arrays based on content.
Public classAssertWhenDebugging
Assertion methods which are stripped out in release mode.
Public classCompiledExpressionTFunc
Class that stores a delegate expression together with its compiled form.
Public classConstructionAttribute
Attribute that can be attached to a constructor or factory method, to provide information about how to set the parameters of the constructor/method to copy an instance of the object. For example, it can indicate that the parameters correspond to properties of the object.
Public classDataContractSurrogate
Allows DataContractSerializer to serialize Vector and Matrix objects
Public classHash
Utilities for implementing GetHashCode().
Public classMatlabReader
Reads the contents of a MAT file.
Public classMatlabReaderComplexMatrix
Represents a matrix of complex numbers, when reading and writing MAT files.
Public classMatlabWriter
Write data objects to a MAT file
Public classNonSerializedPropertyAttribute
Attribute that can be attached to properties to signal that the property should not be serialised
Public classStringUtil
Helpful methods for converting objects to strings.
Public classUtil
Helpful methods used throughout the library.
Public classXmlWriterExtensions
Provides extension methods for XmlWriter.
Public enumerationMatType
A number type in a MAT file
Public enumerationmxClass
An object class in a MAT file