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MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Distributions.Kernels Namespace
Microsoft Research
Infer.NET Gaussian Process kernels
Public classARD
Automatic Relevance Determination Kernel
Public classKernelFactory
Kernel Factory - singleton class. It maintains a list of Kernel names and their types
Public classKernelFunction
Base class for all kernel functions
Public classLinearKernel
Linear kernel
Public classNNKernel
Neural Net kernel
Public classSquaredExponential
Squared Exponential kernel function: k(x,y) = exp(-0.5*(x-y)^2/exp(2*logLength))
Public classSummationKernel
Summation kernel. This provides the management layer for adding together different kernels
Public classWhiteNoise
White noise kernel function. This can be added to other kernels using the SummationKernel class to provide measurement noise
Public interfaceIKernelFunction
Interface for all Kernel functions
Public interfaceIKernelFunctionWithParams
Interface for Kernel functions with parameters