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MicrosoftResearch.Infer.Collections Namespace
Microsoft Research
Infer.NET collections
Public classApproximateSparseListT
Approximate Sparse List.
Public classArrayT
A one-dimensional array with value equality.
Public classArray2DT
A two-dimensional array with value equality.
Public classArrayAsListT
Wraps a multidimensional array to look like a linear list.
Public classArrayBaseT
The base class for arrays of any rank using value equality.
Public classArrayDictionaryT
Represents a dictionary with non-negative integers as keys.
Public classArrayFromFuncT
A virtual read-only 1D array whose elements are provided by a function.
Public classArrayFromFunc2DT
A virtual read-only 2D array whose elements are provided by a function.
Public classArrayHelper
Helpful methods used by generated code.
Public classCollection
Extension methods for ICollection
Public classCursorArrayCursorType
A multidimensional array of objects which share a single storage block.
Public classDictionaryComparerTKey, TValue
An equality comparer that requires the sequence of keys and values to match
Public classEnumerableComparerT
An equality comparer for IEnumerable that requires elements at the same position to match
Public classEnumerableExtensions
Extension methods for IEnumerable
Public classFileArrayT
An IArray where each element is stored as a disk file.
Public classFuncExtensions
Provides extension methods for Func that support collection and sparse collections
Public classHashedListT
Hash-indexed list.
Public classIEnumerableExensions
Provides extension methods for IEnumerable that support sparse collections.
Public classIListExtensions
Provides extension methods for IList that support sparse lists.
Public classIndexedSetT
A bidirectional mapping of unique elements to non-negative indexes.
Public classJaggedArray
Class that provides useful static methods for jagged arrays
Public classKeyedPoolTKey, TItem
A pool of items that can be registered against a given key.
Public classListComparerT
An equality comparer for IList that requires elements at the same index to match
Public classCode exampleParallelCursorArrayCursorType, ArrayType
A multidimensional array of objects where each field is in a CursorArray.
Public classPriorityQueueT
A collection that provides efficient extraction of the minimum element.
Public classReadOnlyListT
Public classReadOnlyWrapperT
Public classSetT
A collection of unique items.
Public classSortedSetT
A sorted collection of unique items.
Public classSparseListT
A list which is optimised for the case where most of its elements share a common value.
Public interfaceConvertibleToArray
Indicates if the object can convert to and from an array.
Public interfaceIArrayT
Interface to an array of arbitrary rank.
Public interfaceIArray2DT
Interface to a two-dimensional array.
Public interfaceIArrayFactoryItemType, ArrayType
Interface to an object providing a constructor for new arrays.
Public interfaceICursor
Public interfaceICursorArray
Public interfaceICursorArrayT
Public interfaceISparseEnumerableT
Sparsely enumerable
Public interfaceISparseEnumeratorT
Contract for sparse enumeration
Public interfaceISparseListT